The Skeptics and the Spirit of Gravity

For those of us on the alternative right, the stakes are high. It’s easy to be caught up in the hopelessness of the seemingly inevitable demographic collapse of Europe and North America, to bemoan the entrenched factions of globalists and progressives against whom no man can publicly stand without having his personal life destroyed. We dash ourselves against the walls of a sinking ship, raging against the dying of the light by “redpilling” new converts, protesting publicly, and all manner of other means by which we try with all our strength to reverse the fatal direction in which the West has turned.

But every once in a long while, we get a break from all that. We get a chance to clash with a group other than the ideology busily engaged in flooding our lands with third world migrants. And recently, just such an opportunity for rhetorical fencing arose in the form of the so-called “skeptic community” and their crusade against the encrouchment of race realist thought amidst their ranks.

RageAfterStorm, former skeptic

Let’s recap some recent events:

A young, attractive, female YouTube star going by the pseudonym RageAfterStorm had developed a significant following for her standard Skeptic™ content: picking the ever-present low-hanging fruit of Islam, Feminism, and general SJW mockery. Such channels have for some time been appreciated (if not particularly lauded) by Alt Right commentators as ideological gateways, stepping stones on the road to further disillusionment with the progressive frame.

And in this case, oh dear, how right they were.

After numerous blasé videos which earned her some 90,000 subscribers, Rage made a momentous decision. She uploaded a video entitled “Race is Real”. The contents were nothing new to the alt right; some basic IQ data on blacks in the US and Africa, some statements on genes related to “abstract” thought taken straight out of Rushton and Murray, and some general pro-white sentiments expressed throughout.

For us it was, in the words of Van Jones, a “nothingburger”. Encouraging, perhaps, that yet another skeptic had trod the road of hard facts all the way to rudimentary identitarianism. But nothing more than that.

For the skeptics, however, this was nothing short of earth-shattering.

A young female member of their community, who had fully ingratiated herself to them and firmly established her place amongst them, had sent a lightning bolt of heretical truth right through the beating heart of their movement. This truth, the hard reality of racial disparities in intelligence, could not be allowed to gain a foothold. Such ideas could lead to acknowledging group collective interests, shattering the radical atomized individualism that lies at the core of skeptic thought.

So, grim-faced and sure in their resolve, they donned the mantle of SJW behavior and set about the destruction of Rage’s online persona. They mass flagged her videos, leading to takedown notices and the deletion of her channel. They swarmed her social media accounts, dozens threatening to dox and kill her, leading to the deletion of those accounts as well. And of course, the coup de grâce was prominent members of the skeptic community, such as Jeff Holliday and the infamously petulant manchild Kraut and Tea publicly bashing her as a racist, bigoted, xenophobic traitor to the cause. 

Cuck and Tea

This display has nauseated the Alt Right and, for the moment, drawn our attention away from the ongoing drama in the Trump administration. So let us at long last take a look at the so-called “skeptics”, what they believe, and why they ought to be opposed.

I doubt anyone could put it better than Morgoth did when he described the skeptic community as “a bunch of bullshitters who believe in nothing”; all the same however, I shall endeavor to try.

The notorious Nietzsche

In Nietzsche’s infamous magnum opus, Also sprach Zarathustra, there is outlined a concept termed the Spirit of Gravity. This is the force which governs and subdues the untermensch, which dictates to them the doctrine of self-loathing and weakness. Overcoming the Spirit is the great trial of the protagonist, and the means by which the Nietzschian ideal is illustrated.

At its core, the Alt Right is a desperate yearning for greatness in the European people, a desire to raise them out of this malaise of self-destruction and into a new chapter. In doing so we have to preserve our life against the enemies who seek to destroy us, embodied in the hordes of nonwhites given the opportunity by the modern Left. But there is another group in play here, another faction with its own role to play, and they are the true untermensch, the men whose taproot in Eden has been cut, the men for whom any attempt at self-love and self-actualization offends their sensibilities: the Skeptics™.

Carl Jung, psychologist and philosopher
The archetype of the skeptic is young, atomized, and nihilistic. He feels no connection nor sense or commonality between himself and his ancestors. He sees no reason to respect their wishes for how their descendants ought to live, or more importantly, that their descendants should live at all. He feels no love or loyalty for his race – in fact he likely holds them in contempt, for the crime of conquering and defeating other peoples, something done ironically for the sake of these very ungrateful, petulant descendants. He closes his eyes to the reality of other races’ tribal behavior, only turning to his own folk and saying “Do not defend yourselves, do not cling to your own life and land. Don’t you know that you have visited evil on the rest of the world?”

He is ruled absolutely by the Spirit of Gravity, that lowest of instincts which tells a man to lie down and die rather than face the truth. He is worthy of contempt.

Afterword: I highly recommend watching Millennial Woes discuss the ongoing debate between the skeptics and the alt right here, and reading Morgoth’s excellent analysis of the situation here. Thanks for reading my very first post, more to come!


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